Donovan is 13 this year! The plan was to make a Swedish Fish flavored cake but we ran out of time that day, so he picked a Chocolate Fudge cake and Kendra decorated it with gummy sharks and the fish. We had relighting candles on the cake that Donovan had to blow out before he could get to the presents. When the last one finally went out, Terry helped out by relighting one :P


Donovan’s gifts were Hyrule Warriors for the WiiU, Zelda poster, Zelda shirt, Deadpool shirt, Halo collectible figurines and a bag with at least 340 Swedish Fish. Kendra got Donovan $60 worth of Steam cards to choose new games from their store.

Ciarra has joined the Fernley Pop Warner Dance Team this year. For this particular game, the full cheer team was unable to attend so part of the cheer and dance teams came together in support of the football team. These are just a few images that we took during the event. If you would like more images, please contact me laura at the valladonfamily DOT com. As with all images on the blog, click on it to see the full size version.










Kendra and Cody we’re nice enough to take Donovan and Ciarra up to the Valhalla RenFaire in Tahoe. And while Kendra and Cody got some really nice items there, these are the only pictures that I managed to get when they got back, as Terry and I didn’t go. Donovan got a walking stick and Ciarra got a hair accessory that creates the effect that you see here.


Ciarra got new glasses over the summer. We also went to the Nevada State Fair, but it was not until we got home that I found the only useable image was of Donovan and Ciarra in front of the Battle Born Elephant :P Our cats, Daphne and Gil really enjoy the makeshift cat toy box. Terry’s attached a rope and they like to be pulled around the house in it. Daphne also enjoys the cat nip bubbles.

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